Stacy Dukes-Rhone

CEO & Executive Director

Stacy Dukes-Rhone has maintained her career over the last 25 years in the areas of executive leadership, entrepreneurship, engineering, public administration, and community service. Stacy has spent the past 9 years here at BiGAUSTIN where she has succeeded in securing a number of new grants and gained national recognition. As a Civil Engineer, she was the first African American female hired into the Highway Design and Construction Division of the Texas Department of Transportation. Stacy is a graduate of the University of North Texas, where she earned a B.S. in Economics and also holds an M.S. from the University of Texas at Austin School of Civil Engineering.


Daniel Frunza

VP of Business Development

Daniel has been helping BiGAUSTIN clients start and grow their businesses for over seven years. He joined BiGAUSTIN as Director of Consulting.  In this role Daniel developed training curriculum and individual consulting methodology to help clients with strategic business planning. He has assisted over 2,500 clients individually and over 3,700 clients through workshops and courses. In his current role as Vice President of Business Development, Daniel oversees the Training and Consulting departments and manages several partnership programs with both private and public entities. Daniel holds two Business Management Master degrees, including an MBA from the University of Texas.  He also studied Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford University as well as Global Macro-Economics at Wharton Business School.


Victoria Lewis-Dunn

Director of Compliance and Contracts

Victoria Lewis-Dunn is currently the CEO of COMMON SOLUTIONS, LLC (mediation practice that specializes in resolving disputes in contracts and family law).  Ms. Lewis-Dunn serves as an Independent Contract Director for BiGAUSTIN’s Nonprofit Contracts and Compliance Department.  Ms. Lewis-Dunn received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington  and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence in 1993 from the University of Texas School of Law.  She is a certified OSHA Safety Trainer, Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS), OWDS Trainer, and Notary Public. 


Ani Williams

Media and Communications Director

Ani Williams is our media maven.  She hails from Los Angeles, California where she ran her television and film production company successfully for almost 20 years.  BiGAUSTIN has retained Ani's services as the Director of Media and Communications. Ani oversees all media engagements and ensures that BiGAUSTIN's brand is consistent across all media platforms. Moving forward Ani will help create new and exciting content for BiG TV. When Ani isn't communicating BiGAUSTIN's impactful mission, she enjoys traveling abroad, fine dining and quiet Sunday's with her adoring husband and two precocious children.


Michael Moctezuma

Lending Manager

Michael Moctezuma currently manages BiGAUSTIN's loan portfolio.  He is a seasoned professional with extensive background in entrepreneurship and micro-finance.  His areas of expertise include micro-lending and construction finance, having managed a family owned construction business.   He consults and counsels individuals starting their business who don’t have the option of using banks for their capital needs.  With an in-depth understanding of the difficulty of establishing a business, Michael offers clients innovative and strategic guidance for success.


Heather Salter

Program Coordinator

Heather Salter  provides one-on-one business consulting here at BiGAUSTIN. She educates our clients on where to attain vital resources and strategies that are needed for a successful start-up and/or an existing business.  When Heather is not assisting our clients in realizing their dream of entrepreneurship, she enjoys building her own business by consulting women on their beauty and health needs.


Andronn Hamlett

Administrative Assistant

Andronn Hamlett comes to us from Sam Houston State University where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Poly Sci and History.  With his incredible work ethic and positive attitude, Andronn has proven to be an adept administrator here at BiG. He assists with coordinating our client training and workshops, along with providing support to our entire team.


Steve Foster

General Counsel

Over 20 successful years working within the sports, legal and government arenas, acquiring experience in Legal Counseling, Sports Administration & Coaching, Media Broadcasting and Athletic Fundraising




Eric Anderson


Eric Anderson is the Financial Analyst/Consultant for BiGAUSTIN. He works directly with the Accounting Department in areas of bookkeeping, financial statements, and financial reporting.


Linda Juarez

Marketing Technician

Linda Juarez is a graduate of Full Sail University where she earned her bachelors degree in Game Development.  Linda has applied this knowledge to BiGAUSTIN's marketing department and facilitates all  of our marketing technological needs.  She maintains our online profiles and accounts in addition to authoring and maintaining our website. Ms. Juarez ensures that all client requests online are being heard and met and is the point of contact for COA scholarships.


Theresa Marshall

HR Manager

Theresa Marshall, Manager of Human Resources at BiGAUSTIN, is an HR professional with over 10 years of experience in start-ups and small business organizations.  Theresa is responsible for implementing strategies that enable BiGAUSTIN to recruit, train, and retain a high performing and motivated workforce.


Brandi Morris

Training and Project coordinator

Brandi Morris has dedicated her professional career to giving back.  Her non-profit, Austin StandUp, has assisted in Hurricane Harvey relief and met the needs of children in the Austin Area.  Brandi's personal passion to help improve the lives of others has brought her to BiGAUSTIN where she identifies the specific needs for all training programs and assures that the appropriate training method is being utilized for our clients individual goals.