Maximize Business Achievement (MBA)

This program will take you on an expert-guided tour to help you understand how to start and grow a successful business and is catered to individuals looking for industry-specific workshops. Every workshop that we arrange through the MBA program has 3 parts and guest speakers who provide information and are available for Q&A each session.We have designed this to help both entrepreneurs who are already operating and those who are interested in starting their own mobile business.


Survive & Thrive

Survive and Thrive is a unique program designed with the help of CDFI fund to assist the most economically distressed counties of central Texas. The program will provide industry specific business and technical trainings to individuals from Blanco, McCulloch, Mason, Milam, and San Saba counties. In addition to trainings, BiGAUSTIN will also provide technical trainings, in-depth one-on-one counseling, and micro-loan assistance. Our goal is to increase loan approval rate of program participants.


Texas Business Opportunity & Development (TBOD)

This program is a comprehensive business development program designed to provide tailored services to meet the needs of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) in the construction industry. BiGAUSTIN coordinates in partnership with TxDOT to provide required services.

t-Start Smart.png

Start Smart

This 14-session course is for any business owner who needs a detailed understanding of everything there is to know about running a business. We provide you with the key essentials and connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs who will also learn the skills needed to succeed in their chosen field. This 7-week course is scheduled 3 times a year, so make sure you sign up for the upcoming one!


Contractor Readiness Resource Center

This program enables construction companies to benefit from access to capital, expert industry knowledge, bidding opportunities and partnership development with local, state and federal agencies. We provide individual consulting, tailored workshops as well as mobilization funding for small and minority construction firms in Central Texas.