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“Coffee Talk” is a series of events that ignites the spirit of women over conversation and coffee. Women learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships that are vital to successful lifestyles and prosperous businesses.

BiGAUSTIN is set to provide the necessary tools to initiate and grow these businesses.  We accomplish this together through education, consulting, round-table discussions, innovative networking opportunities, and lending programs.

BiGAUSTIN will have business and employment resources as well as local investment firms, venture capitalists, and financial institutions that support Women. Clients will share their success stories and tell our partners how their continued support is critical to economic success of the community. 

Women have been consensus building for years.  As the matriarchs of the home, women have urged team play to their broods, many spending hours as coaches, chauffeurs and mediators to ensure that this next generation understands the value of working in tandem.  We are tasked with teaching the important principles behind integrity such as honesty, accountability, fairness and responsibility, understanding that winning at all costs is not the answer to a demand for sustained leadership and a genuine desire to ensure the future of the next generation. 

Yet, too often we, as women, forget about our true value proposition to those around us.  We forget about our “other DNA” born from individual experiences and encounters with others that have left lasting effects on the way we lead our lives, manage our families and navigate the business world. Often, we only focus on skills and traits that we may have learned through education or work not our core values that come from life experiences that make us uniquely qualified.  Understanding our personal DNA allows us to distill our answer to the question “Why You” into a clear and concise response to our roles as global citizens in a socially responsible, conscious and progressive world. 

Join us Thursday August 8, 2019 here at BiGAUSTIN for our next

“Coffee Talk” Series!

What’s keeping us from having a real talk?  You know that long overdue conversation?

Mostly, we see each other through our own limited perspectives.  Coffee Talk gives us a way to become aware of our unconscious biases, insecurities and societal norms.  

BiGAUSTIN’s “Coffee Talk” series gives us the opportunity to have those long overdue conversations.

Come and let's embark on a fantastic journey, one “Coffee Talk” at a time.  We are a sisterhood who perform “super heroic” tasks daily! Come and become a part of the Super Hero Sisterhood!

Jen Shultz

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Jen Shultz, Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ quit her steady teaching job to follow the entrepreneurial call in 2010 after going through a deep bout of anxiety and depression. Jen is dedicated to teaching and guiding new entrepreneurs on how to build successful and sustainable businesses in spite of their own anxieties, fears, and depression. The Non-Nine-to-Fivers she supports are fiercely committed, driven, and intentional about doing their life’s work. Jen is also the creator of The 4 C’s Method of Intuition™ – a method she developed to teach herself how to stay committed to the business building process and now teaches her clients the same exact steps.

"Coffee Talk" is inspiration, advice, networking, girlfriend talk, truthful discussion, hand-holding, reality...

Join BiGAUSTIN Women's Biz Inc. as we discuss yesterdays, today's and tomorrows issues facing women.

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